Tatooine - Escape

Points : 1
Authors : Lsd, Pval
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Last modified : 07/26/2016


Version 1:

Go to the west end of the throne room in Jabba's palace and when there's a guard there, press button. You'll end up in prison. Call guard and get his key. Now go to the warden. Grab the keycard. He'll attack now and the card is on the ground. Take the card and go south. You can open the door now. Your stuff will be in the safe in one of these rooms.

Version 2:

Tatooine - The Jundland Wastes (ne, e, w, n).
A bantha.
A Tusken Raider.

w, knock door, w, w, w, press button, look at slit, look at guard,
yell guard, n, look, look at sandstone, look at notches, search notches,
look, get all, look at jailor, steal card from jailor, out, s, exa board,
exa hinge, exa safe, open safe, look, get all, swipe card,.

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