Endor / Triton / Dantooine / Honoghr - Help Ewoks (ao)

Points : 20
Other rewards : Soulblaster
Static : no (items are in various locations)
Minimum level : 12 (thorough knowledge of Dantooine, Honoghr and Triton plus killing)
Authors : Pval, Picard, Padre, Starfighter, Gabriel, Geez
Last change : new object keeper added
Last modified : 30112002


The Ewok civilization appears to be more developed than recent
analyses have shown.

Already a long time ago the entrance to an ancient Ewok temple
has been discovered, but no one has been able to find out why
many of the more spiritually developed Ewoks look so worried.

It is your job to find out what is going on and help the Ewoks
find their peace on Endor again.



You need a pair of gloves, a Ceremonial staff and a brain, these things are hidden on Dantooine, Honoghr and Triton, the objects are carried by NPCs, are pretty obvious and show up in the NPCs description. Just give these items to the Ewok priest on Endor (d, d, s, s, s, s, s, w, w, w, w, enter temple, d, e, e, s, s, s, d). The priest will give you the amulet. Now you can enter a secret room. To do that look at cloth, then at picture and you'll discover a hole. Enter hole, look at bottom shelf. When you look you see a Soulblaster (nice wc17 with a special) and the mission is done.

We are almost sure now that the following objects are distributed randomly over a lot of random monsters. Here are the reported NPCs objects have been found on:

  • Ceremonial staff on Honoghr: survival freaks, Noghri guard at the bridge, Dynast (L17, AC 21, WC 24)
  • Brain on Triton: troopers in Triton Tower, Finn, Cleaning droid, Huge Stormtrooper in clubhouse, Imperial guard in the Reward Chamber;
  • Gloves on Dantooine: Xylo employee, Harold the Farmer, Xylo outside museum, Xylo priest, Huge Stormtroopers, Nerf herder.

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