Triton is a nice planet and it has a great range of enemies. This starts with the playground, then gang members (girls and boys), Jawas, mining droids, civilians, guards and then you can take on just about everything. This place has nearly everything you need: all types of healing, sobers, all facilities etc. The main problem is that everyone knows this and that after a reset, the planet is empty very soon. Tritonia, the main city, takes up most of the rooms here, but you will find a little forest, a beach and some mining areas. Most of Triton is guarded by Imperials, and they also have a secret HQ located high up in the Triton tower. 

Below Triton somewhere they also are said to have some sort of secret testing areas for research or similar. Some of the experiments involves a rather nice assault armour that you enter and which will take damage for you when you are in combat - the armour is not going to last forever though and will self-destruct sooner or later. You can also find an armour set of 4 pieces on Triton (black set) which is fairly decent.

The main mission is rather funny - where you blow up whole Triton, making it inaccessible for 15-20 minutes. Minis are not available at the moment. Adorners is mainly one, the Tritonian Darktrooper. This one will start hunting you if you blow up Triton more than once per reboot.

On Triton, there are not many big monsters. There are some nice kills though. First of all, when acquiring the Assault Armour, you must fight your way through three or four elite troopers, each of them being quite strong. Second, there's a guy holding a death. He's so large that when you get out of the room, you have to wait two turns before you have passed him. Furthermore there's a stormtrooper patrol wandering around, consisting of eight troopers. They don't attack together, so that gives a nice series of kills. There's another group of troopers, situated near the landing bays. They are very simple, holding some armour (main and helmet) and a pistol. There are also the guy holding the chemtech and the bridge keeper holding the ac2 cyborg helmet. Each not very strong, but they take a short while to kill. In the tower, there are troopers holding killers, also in the units there. When you cleared the tower, you can get to the saber guy. He and an elite trooper guard some room. First kill the elite trooper, since he has relatively low ac and high wc, while the guard has it the other way around.

There are a few nice items on Triton. First of all the Assault Armour, a strong armour that fights for you and keeps you from getting hit. The problem with it is that it has low energy and overheats quickly. There's a saberguy on Triton. You can get to him when you finished the tower. This guy either holds a saber or he has a killer class 6. The bridge keeper holds an ac2 helmet. The trooper guarding the playground holds a Death, a very powerful weapon. There are a few pieces of the black set spread around this planet as well: The death trooper can hold a helmet, the saber-trooper can hold the boots or the helmet and the elite troopers sometimes hold a small piece. No main armour there though.

At Triton there are six bars, of which two at a time are open. The stocks of these bars are maintained by players, so they are out of stock some times.  Owning a bar even gives you an adornment.  That's why there are two of each all the time. There is a bar that has unlimited heals and sobers, using coffee for sobers. The second type of bar has limited sobers in the form of espresso: you can only drink 7 espressos per bar in a certain time period. The third uses espresso shots as sobers, which make you stoned. There is also a food bar with limited stock and you can acquire drugs by inserting corpses into the nothing behind the bridge keeper. This results in black pills. This 'service' is also limited.

A power tap can be found at the first floor, just like a mail-terminal and a Teller robot. A big suitcase can be found at the luggage area, n, climb west wall from the security trooper. On the second floor, skills and atts can be obtained.

Triton has a playground that is guarded by an enormous stormtrooper guard. This guy is very strong and it is not recommended that the players that want to enter the playground kill him. He won't stop you if you mislead him by saying 'look a bird'. He looks up and you slip past him. There's a small bonus in this playground. If you kill the junior trooper and your dexterity and strength are low enough, you will receive a bonus point for those attribute.