Triton objects guide

An objects guide will give you hints on which weapons, armour and other objects are noteworthy on a project.


Assault armour: see under weapons.

Cyborg helmet: Carried by Bridge keeper.
STATS:  Type: helmet? - Ac: 2 - Weight: light - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Darktrooper Shield Generator: loads randomly on Darktrooper. AC2-8 shield depending on activation and skills.
STATS:  Type: shield - Ac: 2-8 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?


Assault armour: It is located behind the IntSec Officers. The way to get there is:follow droid, enter hatch, d, d, and then "enter area". There are 3 Imp troopers located before it (1 carrying black gloves, 1 carrying black armour, and 1 carrying just cash). They have WCs of about 50, AC about 30, and they are auto-attacking. Leave the room while you still have 100 HP or so, otherwise you're D.E.A.D. Once you have that, you can get to the assault armour.

It is comparable to the speedsters you got on Tatooine. You have to "enter" it, and "climb out". It takes all the HP, and does the attacks too. It checks very thoroughly what you are carrying. Weapons and bags are not allowed in your inventory. The armour can "carry" them though, but not wield it or anything. The procedure is:

- drop weapons, lightsources & bags
- enter armour
- pickup all

If you attack while in the armour, the armour takes all the hits. However, I have not yet found out how to recharge it. After a while, its power to restore itself was depleted and I was left "in the nude"

Wookiee bowcaster: Might find it at Finn's place. Not very good (weapon class 3, but has a 'cock' feature that does additional damage. Very entertaining weapon doing additional damage if you're a Wookiee.
STATS:  Type: weapon - Wc: 3 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?


Big suitcase: Decent and free bag found in Triton luggage area and randomly at Finn's place. From Triton bays, w, d, n, climb west wall.

Black pill: Heals about 20 hit points and Force points. Will make you stoned. From bays: d, s, s, w, say average speed to keeper, w, s. At this spot you can put corpses you have killed into the nothing, which will reward you with a black pill for each corpse.

Bottle dispenser: this one is also found on other planets with the exact same function. Location: w, d, se, u, n, e. Makes you able to insert empty bottles and such into dispenser and receive a little credits back. Don't litter the mud! :)

EmEx implant (level 4+): From bays Triton, w, d, se, u, n, w, s. Autoloading object that allows you to do a lot of emotes, also on the public channels. Also some other features.

Power pack: A few items, like certain blasters use power packs. Location from bays: w, d, se, u, n, n.

Watch-setter. Location: found in shop. Makes you able to set watches in rooms, so you can check them from a distance. Useful if you need one particular item, but don't want to stay in the room until it resets.

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