Triton / Kessel - Destruct Triton (am)

Points : 40
Other rewards : chance of 2 sabers, big kills, some exp.
Static : yes
Minimum level : high (big kills)
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Windryder, Picard, Twen, Zentel
Last change : added getting exp for certain actions.
Last modified : 20112002


The drooling image of a fat, yellow, lipless reptile appears. He turns to
another image of a humanoid creature with two tentacular appendages pro-
truding from the back of his skull, and wheezes: "Bo shuda."
The second creature nods, smiles thinly, and says:
"Greetings, out laws, pirates, bounty-hunters, and all other fearless
humanoids, creatures, and assassin droids. The exalted Jabba the Hutt has
noted that as of late, the planet known as Triton established a more
dominating position on a major trade route, and is stealing away commerce
from Tatooine. Obedient servants of the Powerful One have discovered that
there must be a way that the entire planet of Triton can be destroyed."
The creature points to you, and exclaims:
"The great Jabba orders you, bounty hunters and other brave beings, to
travel to Triton and destroy it! Long live the illustrious Jabba, and may
his wisdom shine on you like the twin suns of our desert world!"
Slowly the images fade out. Just before they drown completely in static you
can hear the slobbering image of Jabba laughing:
"Who wants to live forever anyway..."


A disc contains the password that is of capital importance. You find it in a sandy area. Play the disc in the hi-fi shop east of the normal shop. A password is needed for the elevator. The red-cartridge is carried by the imperial general on Kessel. Crawl to a spot nw of the entrance of the tower. You may encounter a traffic droid. Enter the hole, you'll need a light for this part, go se, 5u, s, d to get at level 5 of triton tower, you may have to open grate at the end. Kill the first trooper if he's there. Type the password and go up. Kill the two lieutenant's and the general on levels 6-10. At level 10 alpha trapdoor and go up; just make sure your rank is ok! Big storm troopers can help you with that. hen grab rope and jump. You'll end up in a location with a stormtrooper guard (with saber/killer class6) and a elite stormtrooper who can't be gamma-ed. Beta the elite and kill the saber guard. Use 'press button' to escape. Then insert the cartridge and press the red button beside it. Then press the escape button, run to your ship and leave triton.


This starts on Kessel. Have to do both towers.

from Kessel bays: d, s, 2w, s, 4w, n
kill the 2 troopers (easy)
enter, 2e, open drawer, get card from drawer, 2w, 2n, read codes
type <code for level 1>
enter elevator
type <code for level 2>
out, s, e, kill puncher (or steal card from puncher if you can)
w, n, enter elevator
type <code for level 3>
out, s, kill guard (567hp, 28wc) ,e, n, kill corporals (they come and help the commander), s, kill commander (can't steal the card from him, will always get caught)
w, n, enter elevator
type <code for level 4>
out, u, kill admiral (a sometimes saber/sometimes killer 5, just need the red cartridge, 990h, 30wc)
Kessel portion complete.

from Triton bays: w,d,se,2n,kill guard (death, sometimes black boots, just need imp rank, 600+ hp, wc 31) 
2s,e,s,dig sand, dig sand, get disc
n,w,u,4n,w,insert disc, play disc (to get current password)

Anakin  Hoth  Saber 
Death  Latem Sith 
Force  Noghri  Trooper 
Honoghr Vader 

from play disc: e,4s,d,nw,crawl to spot, kill droid
enter hole (dark here, need to bring a torch / force aura / grundell wing/ignited saber/etc)
se,5u,n,open grate, enter hole, kill trooper
type <code from disc>
u, kill lieutenant (will auto attack after a few seconds)
2u, kill lieutenant
u, kill general
u, alpha door (any beam will work, but why waste fp). You will get some experience for this.
u, grab rope, jump (you will be swinging down the side of Triton tower and crash through a window)
kill guard (sometimes saber/sometimes killer 6 and sometimes black helmet, 500 hp wc 30, ac 12)
kill trooper (have to kill them both, but can do so one at a time 500 wc 31, ac 12)

  • Both guards in the room where you can blow up Triton are now resistant to Gamma. The Guard (the one with the weapon) can deflect beaming if he has a saber. This means that if he has a Lightsaber the quest is both harder and more rewarding. If the Guard has a lightsaber you are advised to kill the Elite trooper first, because he WILL be hit by beta every time he will go down faster, leaving you to take only hits from the guard while you slowly wear him down.

insert cartridge
press red button (destruct sequence initiated, you have 2 minutes before it blows up)
Triton portion complete.

  • In the room with the saber/killer 6 guard and elite trooper, the exit is 'escape'
    you will fall through a trap door into a pipe which brings you out at the base of the tower
    not hard to figure out, just a few tough kills.

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