Kessel is a planet that is invaded by Imperials. It is not a small planet and it is the home of the Black Set. The monsters vary from quite simple to very tough. Because of that, it is quite an all-round planet. Kessel has four main areas:

  • The city is not large and isn't much of a fun spot since the Empire has taken full control of it. A bar might be available if you manage to enter without being an Imperial. A little shop is also located there.
  • The forest area is large, but not very exciting. A few monsters are spread around there, but really only one of them is particularly interesting.
  • Inside the Imperial base you sometimes find gloves for the black set on one of the troopers. On top floor inside the base you will find an Admiral. He randomly loads a lightsaber. To move around you will need to find codes for elevator.
  • The mines are accessed from the city, either north of it, or east if you are inside the city. The mines are rumoured to be rewarding for smugglers if the find spice and return that to Jabba on Tatooine. Also some of the Imperials there carry some decent weapons.

Down and east of bays you can get into a building which might offer some goodies for those who need. With a few kills there, you gain access to four S38 bombs. These are some nice specials that will help you to do damage against monsters.