Triton - Rock-paper-scissors Champion (ke)

Points : 4
Other rewards : adornment
Static : yes
Minimum level : none
Authors : Dcruze
Last change : 20150311




Win 25 matches against the Twilek rock-paper-scissors champion in Tritonia (w, d, se, u, n from bays).

TIER 1 (first 10 matches)

            / \ 
          |/_  \_
          /    |\
         /       \
         S -->-- P

    1. Winners repeat
    2. Losers change

  • When she encounters a new player, she will always play paper first based on the assumption that most players will pick rock first.
  • If she wins, she assumes the player will think she will play the same thing again, instead she plays what they played.
  • If the Twilek loses, she will play the thing that didn't come up in the next round.
  • In both cases, she moves backwards in the triangle above.
  • In the event of a draw, she will pick randomly.
  • The easiest way to beat her is to play scissors as your first move, then simply pick what she played in the previous round for the next round.

TIER 2 (matches 11 through 20)

  • She always picks randomly.

TIER 3 (after match 20)

  • She always picks randomly, and cheats 25% of the time.

After you have won 25 matches, you get the mini as well as an adornment.

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