Plymouth / Prometheus - Baalt (gi)

Points : 10
Other rewards : Rinea mission start, saber
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Pval, Gabriel, Zentel
Last change : Added alternate audio player. Please fill in gaps (and there are a lot!)
Last modified : 30112002




Get an audio player in a shop on plymouth or get it from the Punk: from bays: 4e, ne, kill punk. The audio player from the guy in the turbo lift in the power tap room on Zone can also be used. From bays d, n, n, e, turbolift. Steal it or kill for it.

Jump to Prometheus, wait for train to arrive, enter train, control, press button, storage, (when train stops) leave. W, 6s, 4e, n, kill guard, n, ne, take sgldi, sw, 2s, w, n, 2w, n, e, say help, say yes, w, 6n to forest, put tape in player, activate sgldi, goto coordinates: 10 -14 where Baalt is, play tape, then when he says light dark grey you look at your align and say light for a good alignment, grey for neutral and dark for evil 

Baalt says: You are honest, and knowledgeable.
I need you to go in my stead, Player.
Baalt says: I am getting too old for this.
Baalt says: Player, go if you want to, but this is my home now.
Baalt says: May the Force be with you.
You completed part of a task that has made you wiser.
Baalt removes A lightsaber.
Baalt gives saber to you.

You can now go ahead and finish the Rinea mission.

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