Prometheus - Rinea (bq)

Points : 20
Other rewards : aura harm/heal, 20.000 credits
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Pval, Lehto, Grump, Drienf, Lsd, Geez, Zentel, Kast, Laser
Last change : added refinements. Need storyline to complete.
Last modified : 12032003


A hologram of a young woman appears in front of you.
The hologram begins to speak...

Greetings, my name is Sandra Dwinea. I am in need of help.
I need to find a man, his name is Baalt. He is the
grandfather of my child Rinea, and she is now of age that
she needs to be trained to use her power. I am not strong
enough in using the Force to train her, and I will not
trust just anyone to train her. Baalt is the only one who
can help me.

I sent Lt. Frank Gear to find him about a month ago. He
was supposed to check in each day with his status, and did
for a while. His last report was sent to me from the
distant mining planet Prometheus. He has the information
to give to Baalt, but I am afraid that he has been hurt.
If I can't get help soon I will be forced to take
Rinea and try to find Baalt on my own. I dread that day.

If you could find Lt. Frank Gear and see if he is OK, then
he could continue his search for Baalt. Every day that
Baalt is not here is a day wasted. Please hurry.

The hologram of the woman bows, then fades out.


If one lands on Prometheus with a public transport 'south' should be added to the walkthrough.

If nothing happens when you say 'yes' and 'help' in the bar go check the Prometheus shop for an audio tape named "find baalt".

If you do not see the Corvette Rinea on radar enlarge the radar's range. Type: radar <number>. The default value of radar is 10. I saw the Corvette on screen with 'radar 500'.


First you must finish the Baalt mini (GI). When you've reached Baalt he'll tell you this:

Baalt tells you: If you wish to teach, pay attention.
You must repeat exactly what I say to Rinea for her to learn.
Talk to her, saying these words...

Baalt will give you a lot of text you should repeat. Just copy and paste the text block you see later on.

OK, you got the saber and the text you need to say to Rinea. Go back to the city; Coordinates: -2 6, 4s, 3w, s; to your ship, launch and fly to Rinea: corvette Rinea.

You need to use the Pelican to dock with the Rinea. When you dock the Rinea, you need to go 'hold', 'airlock' and 'enter' to get into the Rinea. The ID card can be found at the mine location on Prometheus. To get the card, take the mag-lev train to the mines. You have to deactivate the magnetical seal on the hatch. To do so, climb tower (at the entrance to the mines complex), u, u, kill guard, u, enter, flip switch (There is an aggressive guard stopping you, not good for a low level). Then you will be able to open the hatch by the northeast-most pedestal. (enter hatch), then kill all the legless reptiles [there are about a dozen of them - but 40 has also been reported (!)]. Get the ID card from the floor, then use the train to return to the bays [where the pelican is] to complete the mission.

Coordinates of corvette Rinea may vary. Fly out to her, dock rinea, out, enter, front. Repeat the text to Rinea:

say rinea.
say I have come from Baalt.
say baalt has asked me to teach you.
say please pay attention.
say there are many ways to live, and many reasons for a code to live by.
say you must choose your own path and your own destiny.
say in choosing a path you also choose to follow a code of conduct.
say choose well, for seldom can you turn to find a new path.
say there is only one path that is for you.
say you know what it is, you just need to accept it.
say one path leads to power and dominance through might.
say another to power and dominance through peace.
say and the last is power without dominance.
say what you need to know is inside you.
say just let it flow from you, and your path will be obvious.
say once you choose, stay your course unwavering.
say never forget to follow the rules of the code you have chosen.
say there is nothing else in life to know.

You've now finished the mission. This will be confirmation:

Rinea nods.
Rinea says: May the Force be with you.
Rinea says: You have taught me well, please accept this token payment.
Rinea gives you some credits.
Congratulations you've completed the Rinea mission.

After competing the mission, you can go back to Baalt to get aura harm/heal. Go back to Baalt once again and say "please teach me". Type 'aura' to see a short description of the skills. You can use both skills, if you are the right alignment. Whenever you use a skill successfully, you have a slight chance of getting better. Your skill level is displayed in the skill description when you typo 'aura'. When you get to a certain level of proficiency in one of the skills, you will then be unable to use the other. You can always come back here and be taught both skills again, but then you will go back to skill level 1.

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