Prometheus - ESPO Code Cylinder (jb)

Points : 3
Other rewards : adornment
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Woah, Picard, Bith, Pval, Odysseus, Jinxer, Lsd
Last change : minor change. Storyline could be a little less 'tell all'. Some please mail a better one.
Last modified : 30112002


Kill the admiral and find the cylinder to complete the mini.



You must have a positive alignment to be able to complete this mini. The admiral is located in the same building where Mini - Prometheus - Free Han & Chewy takes place.

From bays: n, e, e, e, s, s, w, n, n, enter, insert pass, press 3, out, n. After killing the admiral sit (in) chair, slap drawer.

  • You may need to bribe the guard n, e from bays to get into town or use the train.
  • You need a pass-card to get to the third floor in the building, you can get this card with one of the four forms from Mini - Prometheus - Help Han & Chewy.

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