Roon - Rescue Ambassador (bk)

Points : 38
Other rewards : adornment, 14500 credits
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Laser, Bluc
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Last modified : 12032003


There's a flicker of laser light and an image of a woman, wearing the clothes
of a New Republic senator, forms in front of you. As the picture gets sharper
and more detailed, you back off a bit and wait for whatever is about to happen
next. The woman seems to look straight through you and says:
"We never expected this, but so soon after the defeat of the Imperial forces
we stand on the verge of yet another war, although this time, our enemy is 
not the Empire but the Dytall. Their home-planet Dytallix lies in the very 
heart of the New Republic. Since our fleet is scattered across the galaxy,
taking care of the remnants of the Empire and keeping the peace, we cannot 
react in time to prevent the loss of a lot of New Republic lives. Although 
the Dytall can never hope to defeat us, such a conflict could endanger the 
fragile situation the Republic finds itself in at the moment. There may be
a way to avoid the impending war and we think YOU may be able to help us."

The woman pauses and then continues:
"If you decide to help us, take a shuttle to the Roon solar-system where
you can find one of our agents on the space-station Halo Five which is now
orbitting the planet Roon. You will receive more information from him."



Go to the oasis, go ne, search rock, enter, press red button, d, w, search crates. You now have a key. Go back e and s and search cabinet. You now have a card. Go n and d. Search and you have a pressure pad. Press pad and take box.

Go to the oasis and enter the tent. Search pillow and take the tank from the bag you find. Then go to the pier (from Faud's: s, w, all the way north.., follow the path until you reach a hut.) Search this hut and take the flippers.)

Go back to the oasis. Wear the tank and the flippers and enter water. Go down and search pod and take the medi-kit and open the casket. A body will float up. Go back up and inject officer. He gives you a code key. Take the box and the key to the scientist at the halo.

He'll give you a pass to show at captain Tressard. Go to the captain, at halo, level b, all the way w and n. Now go to the outpost, in the se corner of the city. Go to Braben, he'll give a crowbar. Go to the Mogo-shop (w of the shop) and press button. Now you can go s. Search papers and read paper. Go to the room n of the shop and enter alley. Go s, e, climb ladder, shaft, open crate, enter crate.

After a while you stop and you can get out. Go w and kill the bandit. Keep going north, killing the bandits as you go, until you reach the head bandit (or whatever his name is). After you have listened to him, cross the northern desert  (north of where the Rabash is). In order to do this you must figure out the maze otherwise you will keep getting blown back to the beginning. It changes every time. Enter the base.

Once you've entered the base, go n and search papers (a trooper auto attacks, but you can ignore him). You get a paper which says what colour button to push. Then go s, e, e, s, and enter opening. Kill the trooper, and push the button that it says to push on the paper.  

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