Roon is a very large and varied planet. This planet is so huge that you can spend days upon days here and still have plenty to explore. If the number of rooms in itself isn't enough (400+), everything seems to have descriptions that exceed half a screen. Roon has three playgrounds and monsters for all levels. You have the north pole, Arc Praxis, Halo-5, the Desert, the Forest, the swamps, ruins, Methyllion, beaches and so fourth. When you start exploring, we advise you to do it thoroughly and step by step.

When landing on this planet, you will arrive on a station from which a shuttle can bring you to the planet's surface. To get off the planet, you'll have to request a teleportation at the porter. Then go to the teleporter and be beamed up to the Halo space station. From there, the public ships can be called. The halo has a library holding a few maps of parts of the planet and some information.

Roon differs from the rest of the mud in how a lot of the command works. These can be accessed by the 'roon roon' or 'roon help' commands. It can be quite annoying at times, but Roon is definitely worth exploring. Lots of armour / weapons / items /specials that can be valuable outside of Roon - but quite a few of them are alignment based.  There is one adorner on Roon, and that is Jadagyyl Muur. He is located in the north-western parts of the forest. The main mission is quite difficult, and there are several minis available there as well. A list of minis can be found on Halo-5.

The monsters on Roon are very varied, starting from very low to very high. Since the planet is so big, there are a lot of monsters around. The soldiers in the village are not so strong, but they call in help when they are attacked and when you start fighting one soldier, you can end up fighting up to four soldiers at once. The Jawas in the cave in the desert have a robot called Jowo. He is a strong medium-level monster. When killed, the Jawas are easy, giving a lot of small items to sell. In the tower in the desert, there are a few nice monsters, but you must have a friend tackling you up there. The lake monster is a very strong creature. In the swamp, there are several strong creatures as well.

There are several bars in Roon. The first is a bar with food in the city. There you can order non-filling soups and meals, but these are in limited stock. You can also order filling rations. The second bar can be found in the alley. There you can buy drinks and drugs. The drugs wear off quickly. The last bar is situated in the western area of the city. There you can buy drinks. There's a hospital where you heal faster than usual.

Roon has a Teller robot and a mail-terminal near the arrival spot on the planet. It has skill and attribute schools spread around the planet, in the right places: intelligence can be acquired at the library, strength at the gym, dexterity at the thieves guild.

Playgrounds can be found in the city, north of Gom, in the swamp, across the quicksand (the Dulok Village) and south of the city.