Tantore-3 - Battle Plans (ch)

Points : 24
Other rewards : Credits
Static : No (calculation)
Minimum level : 15
Authors : Blitzkrieg, Sundarin
Last change : Added note about Imperial penalty
Last modified : 22/04/2022


The holo shows:
A fuzzy blue image of General Duke begins speaking:
  I'm General Duke of the Alliance and I need your help.  I don't 
know who might be responding to this transmission but I've not nearly
enough hands on the ground here to reach this objective.  I hope
you'll come to us and lend your support.
  Our intelligence experts have convinced me that an Imperial counter-
attack in the contested ground of Sector 5X on Tantore-3 is inevitable
and, currently, insurmountable.  We're a well-trained force that's been
somewhat depleted and unsupplied, but we're more than capable of holding
the line, provided that we can get our hands on the Imperial's plans for
the counter-attack.
  Standard procedure states all attack plans to be on file with the local 
commander, so the commanding officer of the Imperial forces on-planet 
should have his own copy of it in some form.  I'm fresh out of field 
officers from my intelligence corps, and I cannot trust to recruit from 
the local populace.  You may very well be my last hope.
  Find me on Tantore-3, in the Tantore system, and I'll brief you in more
detail upon your arrival.
  Good luck,
  Duke out


NOTE: Imperial players will receive a 5,000 GP penalty upon completing this mission.

All steps start at the landing bay.

Receive mission from Duke:

  • enter pod, press 3, w, w, s, w, n, n, enter bunker, e, ask duke about mission
  • enter pod, press 3, w, n, e, climb down, kill soldier, loot corpse, climb up, w, s, e, enter pod, press 1, w, sw, give map to garrett (you should now have an Imperial ID card)
  • enter pod, press 3, e, e, e, e, enter, e, ne, read writing, sw, w, d, type <code>, open vault, enter vault, search parts (you should now have an Imperial access card)
  • w, n, pull lever (receive gas canister)
  • enter pod, press 5, lift, s, se, w, s, press button, enter, press 5, out, w, search desk (receive blank paper)
  • enter pod, press 3, e, e, e, e, enter, e, se, u, w, show badge, show card, install canister, give paper to administrator, ask administrator to copy document (receive secret imperial documents)
  • enter pod, press 3, w, w, s, w, n, n, enter bunker, e, give documents to duke

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