Tantore-3 is in a state of turmoil as fighting between the Alliance and the Galactic Empire is winding down to a close.

Tantore-3 once was a peaceful planet of trade and commerce, controlled by a socialist governing body which remained in power for nearly one thousand years. Tantore-3 was settled at the beginning of this time by an unaligned group of settlers from the planet Virujansi. Centuries later during the destruction of the Old Republic, the Imperial fleet made its way here, forcing the inhabitants off the planet in order to set up a naval intelligence outpost. After the fall of the Empire, the New Republic drove out most of the remaining forces and began the long process of colonization all over again. Some areas of the planet worth noting are:

  • Colony of Govor, home of the Spire of Hope
  • Dorgum Outback
  • Wargrounds (Warning: Imperial forces are still resisting in this area)
  • Alliance Aquatic Operations Facility