Tantore-3 - Expose ISO Spy

Points : 3
Other rewards :
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Blitzkrieg
Last change : converted to html
Last modified : 06/29/2011


Colonel Hauler is in unknown danger from an Imperial Spy lurking nearby.


The spy is in a hidden room near Colonel Hauler

You'll need to find something to make the room the spy is hiding in unbearable to stay in, and force him to leave.


From landing bays:

enter pod, press 3, w, n, e, n, n, e, search crate, w, s, s, w, s, e, enter pod, press 5, lift, s, se, w, s, enter, press button, enter, press 4, out, w, enter closet, break bomb, wait for agent to leave, out, wait for agent to get caught.


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