Tantore-3 - Save Aldaris (jr)

Points : 2
Other rewards : 10,000 credits
Static : yes
Minimum level : High
Authors : Fuji, Dcruze
Last change : Added guide
Last modified : 02/06/2021


From the Public Shuttle Bays:

Find Ivan the Mechanic, and kill him for his crowbar

enter pod, push 3 (wargrounds), 2w, s, w, n, w, garage, kill ivan (or steal crowbar), out, e, s, e, n, 2e.

Kill Ozone

enter pod, push 5, lift, s, sw, e, s, enter, push button, enter, push 3, out, pry hatch (you will need the crowbar), enter opening. Now <kill ozone> (he is a relatively hard kill, and can easily hit for 150 hp or more).

Ozone has a ac3 shield, a ring and a wc15 shotgun. As he dies, a "death warrant" falls on the floor.

Get the warrant to Aldaris

out, push button, enter, push 4, out, n, <give warrant to aldaris> to complete the mini and get a 10,000 credit reward.


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