Tantore-3 - Return NaviComp

Points : 4
Other rewards :
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Zombeetle
Last change : converted to html
Last modified : 11/30/2002


The imperials would be very interested in the navigational data from a rebel defender droid.



Wandering around on the battle ground is a defender droid. (900HP) kill it.

Get the Defender's navicomp after killing it, and offer it to Arthur Massak (in the imperial base).

He complains that it's encrypted. Luckily there is a slicer to be found in the spire.

Go to the spire, level 9 (cafe), and to the south of the lift is a slicer. Give the comp to him, and he will hack it.

Get the comp back to Massak, and Hey Presto! another mini finished.

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