Ukio / Calir - Delivery (aa)

Points : 30
Other rewards : adornment
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Pval, Cruzer
Last change : new version
Last modified : 01/06/2021


The badly overused holo-projector pours out the image of a man,
more static than solid form. He seems bedraggled, very unkept, and
looks like someone's yes-man lackey but with a rather desperate look
in his eyes. 'Please, you've gotta help me!', he cries, 'Imperials
have cut down on smuggling in this sector and closed the spaceport
on Ukio. I have an urgent package here for Gallen Tresh aboard
the Calir Spacedocks, but I can't get off-world. He'll kill me
if it don't reach him! I planted this message in a few places
hoping that someone would be able to give an old smuggler a hand
and pick up this package and deliver it to him. Just look for
me, Grestle. I'll be hiding in the spaceport behind...DAMN!'
He looks briefly over his shoulder, curses under his breath and
the image suddenly dissipates.

This mission is recommended for levels 12 and up, however it can
be done by more astute players as low as level 5. Some combat
is required, however there are many ways to complete this quest.



BTW: If you manage to do all this without killing you'll get Mini - Calir - Calir no-kill (hy). I managed to do just that by getting all the pieces I needed and doing it a day later, when I was sure the thing had reset and another thing, I never got the shuttle to work, so I just flew down with the freighter in bays, then went to the ruins and finished it.

Ukio - north, search crates, take package from grestle.

Calir - d, 4n, w, sit, give package to gallen (will get transmitter and keycard) stand up, e, 4s, 2e, n, unlock door 1, enter door 1, enter hatch, d, s, s, se, kill shade (for keycard), nw, w, w, enter north door, n, 2w, pull lever, hatch, 3d, hatch (shuttle will arrive in about 15 minutes), open shuttle, enter shuttle, open locker (for climbing gear.. wear it), out, enter hatch, 3u, 3e, 2s, 2u (should be back at bays).

d, w, nw, w, w, d, enter, kill officer, e, s, d, get paper, u, n, type <code> (paper has several codes, which one it is constantly changes. when door opens..) e, n, enter crawlspace, n, n, kill monster (for toy), s, s, enter hole, out, out, u, 2e, se, e, u (should be back at bays)

d, 3n, sit, trade toy for jippy, stand up, 3s, u, ask jib for ride, enter tanker (wait for the tanker to reach the planet), out, s, out, 3w, fire up [x4], hole, jippy get card, jippy drop card, get card (and jippy goodbye if you want the annoying brat to go away), u, fire down [x4], 3e (should be outside CFAS spaceport), e, s, e, 2s, fire up [x2], sw, w, n, e, enter house, d, s, e, e, s (this is where rylainn is at)

You have 3 options that give different adornments:

  • Good ending - let them go
  • Neutral ending - kill rylainn, when fight stops, let them go
  • Evil ending - kill rylainn, when fight stops, kill rylainn, transmit message

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