Zone Heals

On this page you will find specifics on each planets heals (drinks, food, drugs and other).  All directions are from the port unless noted.

The SKULL INN: d, w, enter transporter, press 6, w, enter stand, climb rack, e, s, s, s, e, enter grave .

Name Price HPs Type
bottle of ancient sweat  115 15 drink
special vomit-shake 175 40 drink
Graveyard special 225 50 drink
portion of hot brains 160 food
Some pickled eyeballs 240 30 food

An Imperial pub: d, w, enter transporter, press 5, u, n, nw

Name Price HPs Type
lush-brand Alderaan Wine 45 drink
imported brockian ultra-naramana Juice 175 drink

A stoned junkie, loitering: d,w,enter transporter, press 3, s, ask junkie about drugs

Name Price HPs Type
GBS pill (swallow) 165 drug
nederweed (smoke) 300 30 drug

coffee shop: d,n,n,n,w

Name Price HPs Type
Hurgy (shaken) 160 20 drink
Side of rancor(fried)  320 40 food

Also in the coffee shop is a sophisticated coffee machine.

A new and improved anti-alcohol machine.
There are three commands to operate it:

1) price : Displays the price for sobering up.
2) sober : Injects coffee into your bloodstream.
3) shower: Gives you a nice, hot, coffee shower.

This machine was brought to you by: The_zone Inc.

Mr. Food Machine: (in playground) d,w,enter transporter,press 2,w,w,w,w

Name Price HPs Type
Mr. Edible Thing
80 drink

Scholars Bar

Name Price HPs Type
Scholars Beer 55 drink
Fanallan Rum 120 drink
Fenny's Special Mix 250 drink

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