Very nice planet divided into 7 zones. If a planet can be said to always have tons of players on it, Zone is one of them. It offers great opportunities for all kinds of players. No main mission here, but there are a few minis. A high class armour set has be released (Platinum set), but for new players it can be somewhat difficult to get. Zone is the home of many well liked items. What makes Zone really popular is that Zone 6 has a heavy load of adorners/monsters where 6 of them have top lists on number of kills, and all 6 kills give nice heal or attack specials. Be aware that some of them are quite deadly.

Zone is a planet for all levels. It is split up in levels. Zone 2 is a playground, Zone 4 is the entry level, Zone 1 is a low-level area, zone 3 and zone 5 are medium-level areas and zone-6 is a high-level area with a lot of very nasty monsters, none of them auto-attacking though. Going to another level is done through the Inter-zone transporter.

The monsters on levels 1-5 are not very interesting. They are just small to medium monsters holding some small items. Level 6 gets interesting though. It is the home of some very deadly monsters, like Arsenal, Luman Ta, Isidis Kuratos, Venum and Drago. The list of these monsters can be viewed on the death monitor on level 4. The first four give adorns as well. Nearly all opponents on Zone 6 are worth mentioning here, but that would be too much, so better go there to find out. The droid on the landing bays holds a saber, but you better not kill him, because he explodes, causing a soft kill and the destruction of the saber.

On Zone, you can find some nice weapons and armour. The main things are Majori Battle Armour and a saber. The saber is held by Kruk. To get to that, you must kill Elpidia, the sentinel-killer and get her flame-thrower. Then burn down the crystal screen and then you can get to Kruk. Most of the big monsters hold some special items as well, like LAW, the power unit and the Wand-of-Death. These can give up to 60 points of damage apart from the regular hit. Also, some black crystals can be found there that a give full HP/FP restore.

Heals are spread across the 6 zones. On level 4, you can find Petronella. She supplies food and drinks, but in limited supplies. There you can sober as well. Food and drinks can also be found in one of the graves on Zone 6. Skully there has some nice stuff. On level 3 you can buy drugs from a junk.

On Zone 6 there's a power-tap. Bones, the shopkeeper holds a bag, as does Elpidia.