Zone - Yang's eye

Points : 10
Other rewards : adornment killing Luman Ta, 30k credits, loads of exp from killing
Static : yes
Minimum level : experienced (heavy kills)
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Sleeper
Last change : script improved
Last modified : 30112002




Luman Ta has 2000 hp and hit up to 5 massacres (60 hit points) after one another.

On Zone-6 find the transporter, then w, enter stand, climb rack, e, 3s, w, enter grave, break bottom.

From Zone 6 transporter: w, enter stand, climb rack, e, s, s, s, e, d, w, s, s, e, e, u. On this floor are 5 dudes you must kill, and when they die they drop a piece of clay. One of the guys is Kruk. The last piece of clay is located to the far north of the transporter on Zone6. Just go as far north as you come. North of a first class sentinel, you will find Thyne Piedemann, which drops the last piece of clay when killed.

When you have all six pieces of clay, you need to go to the the library in the grave. From the stand: e, s, s, e, enter grave. Read all of the books (1, 2, 3). The first 2 gives you clues to Luman Ta's age. Then you will need to copy the right song from book 3. Go to the gold room, which is back by those 5 guys. From library: out, w, s, e, d, w, s, s, e, e, d, pull lever (need to do this to open entrance where Luman Ta appears), u, u, w, w, w, u. Drop the 6 clay pieces on the floor. Sing the song, which makes Luman Ta appear. Upon killing Luman Ta, get the matchbox from his suit. There is a word (the third word) written on the matchbox. You will also when Luman Ta dies get a note which says that you can enter a room. Enter room and when you examine floors/ceiling in this room, you will see a spot. Examine this spot and you will see a hole. Search hole and you will find a chest. Type in the password from the matchbox to open the box, and you will get the dragon's eye.

Then: return, d, e, e, e, d, all the way west until the second last up. Here you will find Yang which the Dragons eye belongs to. Give him the eye and mini is completed. You will also get 30k in cash.

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