Zone - Clean Yourself (ei)

Points : 3
Other rewards : Auto-loading toothbrush
Static : yes
Minimum level : N/A
Authors : Surgo, Dcruze
Last change : Created walkthrough
Last modified : 16/03/2022


First travel to Devaron and get pooped on by a bird. From Devaron bays, go d, exit, 2sw (it is a random event, leave and come back if it does not happen). You will get a random clue when this occurs:

Hey! WTF! A bird just pooped on your head!

You curse and think to yourself: Why does this keep happening to me?
You feel the sudden urge to buy yourself a drink.

You think: I should probably find a way to scrub off this sh*t.

Next travel to Zone, and pick up a toothbrush - any toothbrush will do, but since the finale of this mini is on Zone, we'll get the one from there... From Zone bays: d, 4n, back, get brush, <jab wire into computer> to exit.

If you read the <bnews>, there's another clue there:

- There's now a short mini you can complete to obtain an autoloading
  Zone toothbrush! You should visit Skully whilst carrying a regular
  toothbrush and a particularly filthy item from the heavens above
  to discover this!	

Next visit Skully. From Zone bays: d, w, enter transporter, press 6, e, 2u, 3s, e, enter grave. He will get mad at you for stinking up the place and will tell you to clean yourself.

Purchase some cheap alcohol ("sweat") from Skully, then <clean crap> four times. On the fourth attempt your toothbrush will break, and Skully will hand you an autoloading one to use.

With that, you will have completed the mini. Congratulations!

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