Zone - Wake Arsenal

Points : 3
Other rewards :
Static : yes
Minimum level : experienced (heavy kill)
Authors : Pval
Last change : converted to html
Last modified : 30112002




Go to zone-6 and go to the Sentinels. Kill a sentinel with a pair of gloves and a sentinel with the keycard. Wear the gloves. Find some bushes and search them. You'll find a pair of scissors. Now stroll around to find the spot where you can cut fence with scissors. Then enter hole and place palm on plate (something like that), open door and enter. Now you're inside. Go to the top floor and kill the robot with the wire. Take the wire. Then go to the basement, to the computer room. Take the accu there. Then go to the ne corner, the place with the strange wall. Do an alpha, beta and gamma on the wall and you can enter. There you find a strange machine. Connect the wire to the accu and the whole to the machine. Then Arsenal lives. If you want to kill him: good luck...

Arsenal: 1236hp, WC65, AC30 Specials: blows himself up at the end and does upto 100hp damage.


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