Padamir Minis

On this page you will find walkthrough for Padamir mini missions.

Badass Baby

Once you have hatched your baby Grundell, give it bones to eat and it will grow.

Berkana's hilt

d, w, w, w, sw, enter building , e, tap wall, get crystal, w, out, ne, e, n, n, enter fronds (entrance), give crystal to Berkana (get hilt of dirk)

Burwur Pudding

Part of the MegaSlug mission when you 'pour solvent' on the burwurs.

Cerebup Freed

d, w, w, w, w, s, kill Lokki (After a while, Cerebup joins the fight to help you. Once he does, you do not have time to make a run for heals; he will die to Lokki).

Cookie riddle

d, w, w, s, s, s, climb cable, say <answer> to question

  • Redirect fear and hone guilt, and what have we?: Love
  • What is it that hides all save itself? We are ones to whom flesh is its camouflage.: Water
  • How does one know life? Through what I ask.: Pain
  • Be it fact or fantasy, from what source does one's inner knowledge always lie?: Heart
  • Alone, it depends on nothing for it is thus?: Reality
  • Succumb to this, the true indulgence?: food
  • What found is lost in search defeating?: Sanity
  • What deludes you in your individuality?: Imagination

NOTE: You get the answers to questions by eating Ortolan wisdom cookies. There are several different cookies, but these are the 8 questions. After you answer the question, the priest disappears leaving you a gift of some kind. The gift is random. And you only need to answer one of the questions.

Dark Smell

d, w, w, n, n, path, e, enter cave, s, se, se, e, ne, ne, n, n, d, d, d, d, n, n, enter opening, and 'smell feces'. In the same room, there is some kind of guy who is looking for a cure. There are two minis dealing with him, which I suddenly can't remember the names of, but here they are. The dude will say that he needs the cure. Go through the blazing wall of light near Megaslug and go down, and there is an Agent here. Kill him, and before he dies he will name a type of neurotoxin. Find this (sometimes in shop) and give it to the dude who needs it. I don't think you need to kill him afterwards for the Padamir points (he turns into a burwur). Also, if you give him the wrong neurotoxin, he'll turn into a mutated burwur. Kill him for the Pad points (when he dies he will drop a puddle of some stuff. You can fill three or four empty bottles in this stuff and they'll become cleaning solvents).

Force Dirk

Do Red woman, Berkana's hilt, Grundell. insert coil, insert crystal.


When you search the nest of the Grundell, you find an egg. Hatch the egg. You need to kill Grundell.

Jinka's Dagger

d, w, w, n, n, path, e, enter cave, s, se, e, e, s, set timer (KC-4 explosive rod), hole, search mouth, get dagger, out, n, w, w, s, d, d, s, u, give dagger to miner (get laspick)

Light Rank, Blade Rank, and Nexus Rank

These Padamir minis explain how you can have 120 of 130 possible points, when you still have 3 minis left for 4, 7, and 10 points.

These minis are completed by having more points in the relevant area than the current Rank holder. The points awarded for these three Padamir minis are temporary. You will lose the points when/if somebody else claims the rank that you hold. You can only hold one rank at any given time, so if you hold one rank, and claim another, you gain the points for the rank you now hold, but lose the points for the one you gave up. You must manually claim the ranks at Po: d, alcove from the temple entrance. It will not be automatically rewarded. You can check your standing here as well with 'trace <b/l/n>'. Relevant areas are as follows:

  • Blade Rank - Dirk Points
  • Light Rank - Armour Points
  • Nexus Rank - Nexus Points


From the Uul Shaman, ne, set timer (KC-4), ne, ne, mine (with a laspick) and you should get a staff of some sort. "mine" again and you will disturb a couple of mummies. I didn't have to kill the Ortolan mummy, but the Ortolan monstrosity will auto-attack. When it's dead, "mine" once more for the Oravian necklace. Then you need to fill it with red crystals, mostly held by chief. Also check shops.


d, w, w, w, w, n, n, w, d, kill all burwurs, and "mine" with a laspick, get nugget. (see "Stake" for next step) Once you have grabbed the cable, you will see a door. Insert card (The green card from Poison Lissa). You will be in a room with a Nek battle dog. (The first time that you do this, you can "pet dog" and go north. After that, you must kill the dog). n, u, give nugget to scientist.

Order Stone

First, you must find 'A polished stone' (A smooth stone of the purest purple) These load in random places. You might find one on an Ortolan around Vanagar, or possibly inside Uul Chief's warchest. Check the shops, too. Once you have the stone, you need to collect various things to charge the stone until it reaches 100%. Names and values are listed below. Take the polished stone and the other items to the stone mistress, d, 2w, 2n, path, e, enter cave, s, 2se, e, 2ne, 2n, 4d, 3n, enter door, and give them to her (not the polished stone, that you keep). She will take the assorted items, and reward you by charging the polished stone. Once the stone has become fully charged, you will see a change in the stones description, saying which order it has become charged with. All you need to do now is 'rescribe' a pair of Padamir gauntlets, so that the order of the gauntlets will change to that of the stone. The order of the gauntlets must be different from that of the stone or you will not be able to 'rescribe' them. Since you can't control the order of either one, you may have to make a second stone.

Charging items and % values:

  • dirkstone - 1%
  • yellow forcestone - 2%
  • aqua forcestone - 3%
  • fluxstone - 3%
  • quickstone - 3%
  • sliver - 5%

Otter Box

d, w, w, s, s, e, follow harthwith, kill the sea otters, kill harthwith, open box (rather strange).

Poison Lissa

d, w, w, s, s, spire, enter closet, get solvent, out, give solvent to Lissa.

Pollen Power

d, w, w, s, smell flower

Red Woman

d, w, w, s, s, climb frond, throw slug out window (get coil for dirk)


Go to Lissa (the girl who you poison) and give her a cheap item from a shop. If she doesn't like it, she will drop it, so give it to her twice more. Then she will scream for her daddy and say you were touching her. Her dad is Rozgo, and he will attack. (500 HP, not too tough) Kill him.

Secret Agent

Go from Vanagar bays: d, w, w, w, sw, enter building, w and here is Agent 1711. He will see you and then leave, so follow him. His destination is e, out, ne, e, ne, enter door. When Agent 1711 comes to the part where the door is, he will press a secret button and the door will open. Enter it before it closes. Agent 1711 will get mad and then leave. Note: Sometimes Padamir Sollerets can be found lying on the floor here. Grab them before Agent 1711 does.


d, w, n, n, kill both crawlers, search webbing [x2], e, enter shack, insert stake, grab cable. NOTE: If you fail to "grab cable" you will fall and hit your head. This does cost HP.

Vurgur's cure

d, w, w, n, n, path, e, enter cave, s, se, se, e, ne, ne, n, n, d, d, d, d, n, n, enter overhang (Vurgur is here). Vurgur says that Agent 1607 knows the right remedy. Follow the MegaSlug directions to the blazing wall of light. Get past it and d to the agent, then 'hit crack' and listen. The agent will soon say which neurotoxin you need to give to Vurgur. When you give this toxin to Vurgur, he will be transformed into a burwur and attack. Easy kill.

Womprat armour

Get a Womprat set and give them to Jakahn in the temple. From the temple entrance, he is d, 2w. If you want to get the pieces of the set without taking the walkthrough: the paws say to take the set to a light-side Jedi to be destroyed. there are only 4 on vanagar, all are in the temple.