Free Money and Equipment

This page will be geared mainly towards newbies but anyone down on their luck may benefit from it.  This is where you will find locations and hints on getting free money and equipment.  If you have any information you can share, feel free to contact us.

Apok Darr

  • land, ride speeder, 3xn,5xe,ne,n,e,se,3xs,follow jolax,2xe, and there is a ring on the staue worth about 1k.


  • After doing the mission, you can go into the statue, there is always about 500 credits laying around

Death Star

  • Level 1 - Growl at the mouse droid and he will drop 1000 credits
  • Level 1 - At reanimatic - search speakers
  • Level 1 - Garbage Chamber : search shards
  • Level 3 - Crew Mess - Search disposal
  • Level 3 - Crew Mess - At a table (east of kitchens) : search table
  • Level 3 - An Officer's Quarters - Hall : search carpet
  • Level 3 - Medical Station - Laboratory : search tubes
  • Level 5 - Security - ISB Office : search drawer 3
  • Level 5 - War Room - Monitoring station (w, s, sw, se): search console


  • enter, w, search carpet for 205 credits


  • after answering the bridge keeper question (the answer is west from port, exa wall, exa graffiti), you pass the keeper, there is usually about 300 credits
  • level 2 of triton tower, n,e: school, about 150 laying around
  • beach, then S: about 150 as well
  • dig sand in the same place on the beach for 450 credits
  • search magazines in the unit where Finn is
  • in the mines you can search ground for gold dust in each room


  • at Zone6 in Luman Ta's room you can get the throne if you are strong enough, its worth about 1000 credits