On this page you will find an overview of guild links. This section is still very pale and we can use your input. Please write up everything you know about your guild and we'll make sure everyone else can know about it!

To join a guild you must:

  • be level 5 or higher
  • be willing to pay 1000 credits
  • be willing to lose any skill points you have that are higher than those allowed by your guild 
  • find the guild's joining room and type "join"

Some guilds may have higher joining requirements than those listed above. You can find the cost to join by typing "cost join" in the guild's joining room.

WARNING! Joining a guild will make it possible to kill other players under certain circumstances, and to be killed. You may only be a member of a single guild at a time. If you are a member of another guild, you will have to leave that one first. This will cost you! Take your time before you join a guild. Ask around, get information and choose guild firstly when you are completely sure on what you want.

Main guilds

Mini guilds