Quickstart for KoBra

A general note to start: a comment was made that this guide is more useful after having reached level 5. As a newbie you are best off doing the easy minis and missions that require very little to no killing. That gives you gear, experience and money to get to the next levels pretty fast.

Raising attributes (atts)

The cheapest way to raise atts is drinking alcoholic beverages some cheap drinks can be purchased for as little as 12 credits each if you get a bottle collector you can sell back the empty bottles for 12 credits each.

  • in the Alderaan barn there is a tough Klame (raises str)
  • the Triton playground a Jr. Trooper (raises dex 3 times)
  • Crimson playground return merit cards for atts
  • the Honoghr playground - after clearing the playground I noticed my cscore Str was increased
  • the HKL gardens on Lunaya has hidden creature called the bumble. After returning to the scene multiple login sessions I discovered my Str was up to 50 just from killing both of them each time
  • Aside from drinking beer none of the above methods will raise atts quickly
  • Go to the bar on Endor, ring the bell to give a round. Your perception will raise.

Raising skills

One skill I found I didn't have to raise was piloting. As I used the hyperjump in my YT-2400 I learned piloting skill gradually up to 50, to complement this I paid to learn astrogation up to 40-50. Learning these two skills first, allowed me to use public shuttles much more easily.

I also learned that certain playgrounds count atts and skills before letting you enter. To avoid losing out on the bounty of such places I raised all my atts first and just a few skills. The skills I focused on first include saber, control, alter, sense. Other skills I thought were useful after I maxed force skills, included were blaster melee unarmed and dodge.

Earning money

The best way for a low level to earn money is from the playgrounds. Exploring the playgrounds you will find equipment and a host of NPC to earn exp from. Most of the stuff from playgrounds is not worth a lot in credits but can easily be replaced after a reset or reboot. Some of the more popular items include a kiddiesaber, the red velvet sword, womprat set, shark set, etc.

Pelt Hunting

Aside from just playgrounds there are also a few furriers that collect pelts. The boss is on Endor, Dariux supplies skinning knifes based on your level as a pelt hunter. The more pelts you have hunted the more valuable your pelts become. As a new hunter you will barely be able to afford your first knife and you may not even make your money back after the first few knives you buy.



Aura Force -> Plymouth, Help Jones mini
Cognitive Coprocessor -> Bathos, 1d from bays (compact who, check shape)
Chronometer -> Apok, purchase from Garrett, free for players under level 5
Starboat -> Stargate 10k, so wait a sec with this one
EmEx -> Triton, s from shop (you have to be level 4 or up)


Okay, here goes nothing... Login, pick a name/race and proceed to the hangar and get an YT-2400 (button #4). This ship should jump straight into orbit when you hjump to a planet-name, public shuttles won't jump into orbit until you get astrogation + piloting over 100.

Hjump to Apok Darr and check the following mini's:

gc 4 Flood Base (Non-Kill) Apok Darr
ge 2 Derust ladder (Non-Kill) Apok Darr
ha 2 Build rifle (Non-Kill) Fortitude/Apok
ig 2 Return lighter (Non-Kill) Fortitude/Apok

Mini/mission notes

Derust ladder and Build rifle both require a bit of luck, in the case of Derust ladder just return later to try it again, for the Build rifle, you might want to try buying one in a shop or getting a high level to kill the guards for you, that is, if you don't find the proper rifle on the Fortitude ;)

You should also take a look in the rebel-base to check what key-card you can find, cause with the right one you can also finish this mini:

gk 3 Build artillery (Non-Kill) Apok Darr

You should be well on your way now, so decide whether you want to go to KoBra station and raise your atts and level up. Level 5 should be possible now. When you reach level 5 you can kill R4A2 and get the splicer for the kobra mission and while your at it, solve the puzzles in the adjacent rooms as well:

aq 20 Kobra power up Kobra 
ew 3 Solve matrix (Non-Kill) Kobra

For a nice weapon visit asylum, might be hard to kill some of the NPCs but the reward is worth it, although you might want to wait with this until you've finished the non-kill mini's.

ip 3 Construct Kiddiesaber Asylum

More 'interesting' quests

Mission - KoBra Space Station - Sleazy Hospital (ag)
Mini - Cruu - Assemble Freerunner (ec)
Mini - Plymouth - Help Jones (ee)
Mini - Roon - Help Librarian (ep)

fg 4 Blow up bunker Cruu
fi 5 Assemble Droid Alderaan
fx 3 Find Sample Plymouth
fz 5 Expose Spy Honoghr
gp 1 Tiny Robot Ass Kicking (Non-Kill) Altoran
gr 4 Solve Pyramid (Non-Kill) Cruu
gu 7 Assemble Spear (Non-Kill) Latem (Honoghr)
gv 2 Find Mommy (Non-Kill) Toloran
gw 6 Catch Money Launderer Lunaya
hq 2 Legend of Ballard Cassidy Ladriz
aw 30 Hero of Baku (need brv and a nice weapon) Baku 
fh 5 Find Ernest (Non-Kill) Dantooine
bi 21 Xylomania (nice level/weapon should do it) Dantooine
bq 20 Rinea (Non-Kill, but need Baalt mini) Prometheus
bv 20 Sabotage (nice level/weapon should do it) Fortitude
bw 35 Construct Lightsaber (no use for it below 10) Tatooine
eb 7 Secret documents (nice weapon should suffice) Triton
gi 10 Baalt (nice level/weapon should do it) Prometheus / Plymouth

285 Total should get you well into level 17, as for the credits & experience, I bet you'll know how to get those by now. :-)