Guide to flying

Spaceships are the way players travel from planet to planet. There are several types of ships available in the game. The types are listed below.

Automated Ships

What are automated ships for?

The automated ships are a free and easy way for new players to leave KoBra Space Station and travel to planets with playground areas. Each of these ships has a preset route of four or five planets, including KoBra Space Station.

How do I use them?

All three of the automated ships can be reached by going down and west from KoBra Space Station's central room. Wait for the ship's arrival to be announced, and then enter the gate where the ship has docked. Once you are inside the ship, simply wait for it to reach your destination and then leave. You can get back to KoBra Space Station in the same manner.

Information on the three ships is listed below.

Ship Name Planets Visited Total Trip Time
Nihil KoBra, Wayland, Prometheus, Ukio, Triton and Endor 6:50
Insipid KoBra, Panto-Prime, Zone, Plymouth, Vanagar and Dantooine 6:04
Trifle KoBra, Triton, Honoghr, Apok Darr, Alderaan and Lunaya 6:50


What are cabs for?

Cabs are a quick way to travel between planets in the same solar. They require a ticket which can be purchased at the cab site on the planet (usually the same room that ships land in). These tickets normally cost between 20 and 50 credits.

How do I use them?

If cabs are available for the solar you are in, find the cab site and look at the dispenser there. It will list the tickets that are available. To buy a ticket, push planetname. To use the cab, go planetname.

Public Shuttles

What are public shuttles for?

Public shuttles are a free way to travel between any two planets.

How do I use them?

Find the public shuttle button on the planet you are on. Usually it is located in the same place where you landed on the planet. Push the button and a shuttle will appear. Once you are inside the shuttle, you can read the help files for the controls, but the general instructions are below.

  • Type launch.
  • Decide which solar you wish to jump to. If you don't know, type solar and pick one.
  • Type jump solar, replacing 'solar' with the name of the solar you want to jump to.
  • After the jump is complete, you must fly to the planet you want. First, type planet and choose a planet.
  • Type dir planet, replacing 'planet' with the name of the planet you want to fly to. You will receive a set of vectors.
  • Type vector x y z, replacing 'x y z' with the vectors you were given.
  • Turn on coordinate notification with notify on. This will tell you the coordinates as the ship moves.
  • Set the speed with speed x. Public shuttles have a maximum speed of 200.
  • As the ship nears the desired coordinates, you may want to slow the ship down. When you are close enough, you can type orbit to stop the ship and put it in orbit around the planet.
  • Once you are in orbit, type land.

This may sound complex, but it becomes much easier with practice. If you fly shuttles a few times, you may notice your Piloting skill going up as a reward for learning to fly. The higher your Piloting skill, the closer to a planet you will be when you exit hyperspace.

Sometimes two solars may be a very long way apart. In this case, a public shuttle may not have enough fuel to jump there. If this happens, try jumping to another solar first. Land the shuttle to refuel it, and then try jumping to your real destination.

Combat Ships

What are combat ships for?

Combat ships provide a way for ships to fight one another, and are currently being used by the guilds.

How do I use them?

If you are a member of the Alliance, Empire, Bounty Hunters or Smugglers, you can get a ship by asking for one at the ship dispenser located at your headquarters. Players who are not in a guild can get a ship from the hangar on KoBra Space Station.

The help files for the ships can be read using the controls command inside the ships. It is a very good idea to read most of the help before attempting to fight another ship.

NORMAL FLIGHT:   dir, mspeed, throttle, vector
COMBAT FLIGHT:   face, flee, fm, pursue, reverse, swerve, disengage
NON-FLIGHT:      board, dock, escape, land, launch, orbit
HYPERJUMP:       abort, hjump

WEAPON SYSTEMS:  autotarg, cannon, ctog, fire, lock, target
SHIELD SYSTEMS:  chfront, chrear, chshift, defront, derear

COMMUNICATIONS:  guncom, radio, shipcom

FLIGHT INFO:     controls, notify, planet, report, solar
COMBAT INFO:     damage, proximity, radar, spec, squawk, stock

SHIP PARTS:      analyzer, beam, engine, fcontrol, gen, hull, hyp, imager, 
                 ion, laser, launcher, nav, rad, sensor, shield, tracker 

[ Use "controls <command>" for further help on a command.]

Currently, space combat does not cost you anything. If you are in the ship when it explodes, you will be placed in an escape pod and sent to the nearest planet. Anything you dropped inside the ship will be lost, however.

Although these ships are assigned to you by the dispenser, they should not be used for storing equipment. You have no way to call the ship to a planet's surface, so equipment dropped inside the ship may be lost permanently.

At the EnviroSummit on Honoghr, deligates agreed that combat ships will no longer be able to land on planets. They may still dock and board other ships and starbases. It has been said that Smugglers can still find ways to land.

For further information, read this guide on Space Combat.

Private Ships

What are private ships for?

Private ships fly just like the public shuttles. The main difference is that you buy these ships. Once you have bought one, it is yours. You may store up to seven (7) items in your ship. You may also customize your ship by adding extra ship equipment.

How do I use them?

Before you buy a private ship, you should know how to fly a public shuttle. Shuttle fuel is free, unlike the fuel for private ships, so it is much cheaper to learn on the shuttles. When you wish to buy a ship, go to KoBra Space Station. You will need to deposit credits into your savings account to buy ships. You can do this at any bank. Once you have enough credits, you can buy a ship at the ship store.

After you have bought your ship, it will land and you can walk to it. You will have received a ship license, which you can use to set the ship to private. You may also want to buy some ship fuel canisters to refuel your ship with.

KoBra Space Station Ship Shop

Cost Speed Energy Fuel
Starboat 10000 400 350 2300
Light freighter 20000 700 500 2500

All bought ships are auto-loading.
Rented ships are not auto-loading, but cost only 2% of the ship's value.

Your Ship Licence

Type 'lcm help' for help.
With this licence, you can control your ship. Type 'lcm' followed by one of these commands, e.g. 'lcm location':

call : Land your spaceship. It must be close to the landing bay that you are in.
orbit : Orbits your spaceship around the planet it is close to.
location : Gives the location of your spaceship.
destruct : Starts the self-destruct sequence. DANGEROUS.
private [arg] : Sets the private mode of your ship.
friend : Adds/removes someone to your list of friends.

To get more information type 'lcm help 'subject'', e.g. 'lcm help call'.