Takodana is a lush, green planet covered in an abundance of forests and dotted with small lakes. It is a popular departure point that offers easy access to a multitude of trade routs and thus, attracts both legitimate traders to grey-hat smugglers all the way down the line to pirates, mercenaries, thugs and henchmen.

Travelers will find Takodana's neutrality and distance from the galactic core inviting. Big game hunting, the ancient jedi castle now under the ownership of Maz Kanata offer a taste of what visitors might find on their visit here.

Takodana contains a little bit for everyone. High-level players will find some challenging end-game content here, and new players will find a variety of minis and hunts to keep them busy.

We will release walkthroughs for the quests here once they get solved - maybe YOU will be the first to solve one of them?