The pointy end goes in the other guy! Combat is one of the most basic systems of the MUD - you kill monsters, and try not to get killed yourself.

Combat Damage

Every hit has a damage number. That is the weapon class (WC) of the weapon, plus some extra damage (by default it's the WC times a multiplier for your skills, but more weapons don't follow this than do), plus a strength bonus (STR/12) no matter the weapon type (even a blaster), plus a skill bonus (appropriate skill/20). From this number you subtract 1 for every age category the weapon has less than perfect.

The actual damage you deal is a random number between 0 and the above damage number, minus a random number between 0 and the monster’s armor class (AC). If the total is less than zero, you miss.

If you use a beam or a force power it gets added to your weapon damage as part of the random check above, rather than having a second check. This is almost always beneficial, as the monster's armor won’t apply a second time.

The above is “normal” combat damage. There is also a concept of armor-ignoring damage which applies the damage directly to the monster. The “aura harm” ability is armor-ignoring damage. Despite what you may think, this is not always better: most of the notorious and difficult monsters like Sithspawn and Overkill have some form of resistance to this damage.

Weapon Table

Table of notable weapons. Not sorted, despite appearances, due to multi-hits and other specials. Relevant skills and attributes are set to 100, so some may be stronger based on your skills.

Weapon WC Extra Notes
A Sith Lord's Double-Bladed Lightsaber 3 41.6 Has the same specials as a regular lightsaber, including defensively. Degrades slowly.
A Sith saber 3 24 By default it's pretty pathetic, but can be upgraded to be much better. Degrades very slowly. Doesn't have the specials that the regular lightsaber does.
A TI Launcher 20 22 You can deal extra damage based on your Projectile skill by 'launching' objects. Great fun!
A black saber 3 25+ Extra damage = 21 + Int/40 + Saber/40 + MP/100. Activation makes the room dark. Doesn't have the lightsaber specials.
A double-bladed Sith saber (*) 3 36 Will attack twice every 6 seconds. Degrades very slowly. Doesn't have the lightsaber specials.
A huge black hooded cloak 20 22 You can 'spaz' to hit multiple times per round. Blocks aura harm and force powers while using it.
A lightsaber 3 27 Extra is an average, has a small chance to do roughly double damage. Average goes up with your skills, DEX, and level (calculated here at level 25). Also has a small (1.5 %) chance to block the next hit you'd take.
A lightsaber nunchaku 3 47 At maximum proficiency and a high guild level (or alignment, if you’re not in a guild), will deal 20 damage more than a standard lightsaber (already counted under “extra”). Also has a 50 % chance of dealing a second attack.
A plasma cannon 20 22 Can be improved to do an extra 5 damage.
A purple lightsaber 3 27 Same as the lightsaber, but it automatically turns itself on and off and it's always purple!
An Arpo Poison Dart Gun 20 22 Starts at WC 17 and increases with use. You can 'fire' darts to do a lot of extra damage (maximum 65).
Carnage, Bringer of Light 3 35 Does more damage with higher melee skill (up to 6 more). Has a 30 % chance at max force skills to add 20 or more damage. As annoying to get as it is strong.
Chains of Turmoil 25 27 Has a 'quake' special that can deal up to 52 damage every 100 seconds.
Crimson Force 22 24 Weapon class depends on level. Does more extra damage if you keep with fed with 'anger', and less if you’re good aligned and use 'calm'.
Death, the Ultimate Weapon 20 22 Has a 12 % chance of dealing an extra 15-20 damage.
Dual Mandalorian Heavy Blasters 25 27 No frills, just great damage.
Padamir Force Dirk 3 78.8 With Dire padamir armor set and using 'direslash'. Blocks aura harm.
Padamir Force Dirk 3 60 With no suit and using 'direslash'. Blocks aura harm.
The Blood Saber 3 23 Requires a darktrooper armor set with red gloves to wield. Does 5 more damage if you're wearing a full red darktrooper set, and 1 more damage if your Melee skill exceeds 130.
The Deathsaber 3 30 At max setting. Has a chance to shut down for 3 rounds, doing no damage. Doesn't have the regular lightsaber specials.
The Jagutai Hybrid Saber 3 27 Bonus damage on top of regular saber is negligible.
The Lightment Blade 3 26 Listed damage is for extreme alignments (-1000/+1000). More neutral alignments will do less damage.
The Maelstrom Saber 3 31+ As lightsaber, but does more damage equal to Control/25 (usually 4). Also has a small chance (around 6 %) of dealing between 5 and 29 extra damage.
The Whip of Naga Sadow 3 35 At maximum length. There's a 2 % chance that it will shut down for 5 rounds, and a 6.6 % chance of dealing 15 extra damage.
The shadow saber 3 28 Must be a negative alignment to do the listed extra damage. Doesn't have the regular lightsaber specials.

Choosing Your Weapon

Decide what you're going to start with, and where you're going to end up. After all, a huge black hooded cloak may have extremely high potential dps (4 hits a round at 42 weapon damage a piece) but it's also held by Overkill, who is no pushover! So after a reboot, you might want to start with something more obtainable like an ArPo Poison Dart Gun, which is strong with a great special but much less dangerous to get.

Multi-hitting weapons can be extremely strong, but remember that a monster's AC gets applied to each hit! Depending on the monster, a single strong hit like a direslash from a Padamir Force Dirk might be better than four attacks a round from a huge black hooded cloak.

Miscellaneous Weapons

Sabers are a league of their own and we've reserved a special corner. Other more or less interesting weapons are in the list below. Click on the links for details.

Weapon Type Needs
Weapon class Min level Weight Origin Specials Exotic
A black saber saber N N 3 10 2 Hoth Doesn't use power, when activated will make the room extremely dark
A heavy assault laser rifle Y 3 skill dependent 5 Prometheus
A lightsaber saber Y 3 10 2 The basic lightsaber
A Wookiee bowcaster N Y 3 skill dependent? 5 Triton cock bow, fire
An X-Volt rifle Y 3 8 Tatooine fire <living> 6324 Uses power packs to charge 20 shots. Will only do 100 special shots.
Padamir force dirk N N 3 5 1 Vanagar elderslice
6324 Uses 1FP/hb, can be channeled with 100FP. WC is skill dependent.
The Jagutai hybrid saber saber Y 3 14 2 Apok Darr Chance to decapitate or obliterate enemy on kill (that last one will destroy the loot too)
The Lightment blade saber Y 3 10 3 Honoghr 7334 Efficiency depends on alignment; best when ABS(align)>1000
The shadow saber saber Y 3 10 1 Honoghr
A lightsaber nunchaku saber Y N 3 25 2 Alderaan The more you use it, the better your proficiency will get.
Carnage, Bringer of Light saber Y N 3 3 Tantore-3
A purple lightsaber saber Y N 3 ? 2 Devaron auto-deactivates
A small, sharp knife melee N N 4 1 2 Zone
A leg of something N N 5 1 3 Honoghr (Latem) You can 'eat leg'
A wooden catapult N N 5 1 3 Zone (playground)
A beam filled whackbonk 6 1 2 Wayland (playground)
A large bone N N 6 1 1 Honoghr (Latem) Leftover from 'A leg of something'. You can 'sharpen bone'.
A pen unknown N N 6 1 1 Prometheus
A pipe melee N N 6 1 2 Honoghr (playground)
A small knife melee N N 6 1 4 Prometheus 0
A small spear melee N N 6 1 1 Triton (playground)
An old black powder gun N 6 1 3 Plymouth shoot <name> needs horn with black powder to reload special
A pitchfork melee N 7 2 2 Dantooine
A rat tooth N N 7 2 1 Hoth (Avenger playground)
A sharp switchblade melee N N 7 2 2 Prometheus 0
Herculite luggage N N 7 2 5 Pathros It's also a bag with a combination lock
A candy masher N N 8 3 3 Vanagar
A H&K G-11 rifle N N 8 3 2 Pathros
A sharpened bone spear N N 8 3 2 Honoghr (Latem) Result of sharpening the bone. You can 'affix <item> to spear'
A womprat cleaver N N 8 3 2 Vanagar (playground)
An asparagus spear melee N 8 3 2 Dantooine
An energy gun 8 3 3 Tatooine
An Imperial beamgun 8 3 2 Kessel
Survival walking stick melee N N 9 4 3 Honoghr
A boomerang projectile N N 10 5 2 Asylum Will use 10FP per heartbeat to do extra damage (will still work as WC10 without FP)
A gaderffi melee N 10 5 3 Tatooine/Zone
A heavy shovel melee N 10 5 4 Zone
A mechanic's wrench melee N N 10 5 3 Alderaan 0
A pair of Nerf horns melee N 10 5 4 Dantooine
A sacrifical knife N N 10 5 3 Ukio
A sledge hammer melee N N 10 5 4 Prometheus 0
A standard blaster pistol blaster N N 10 5 3 Honoghr 0
A sturdy grunt gun N N 10 5 4 Zone
An Imperial escort blaster blaster N Y 10 5 3 Vanagar
A sharpened bone spear w/ blade affixed N N 11 6 4 Honoghr (Latem) Upgrade of 'A sharpened bone spear'
An ancient dagger melee N 11 6 4 Zone
An Imperial Nervewracker melee N N 11 6 4 Zone
A nerfherder's crook melee N 12 7 4 Dantooine
A neurowhip melee N 12 7 2 Kessel
A Silok fusion cutter melee N N 12 7 4 Vanagar Will do extra damage when 'a fusion pack' is worn
A small Imperial blaster blaster N 12 7 3 Ukio
A standard pistol 12 7 4 Dantooine
An Alein Steele Sword ? N N 12 7 4 Plymouth lock/unlock When locked, the sword cannot be removed from your grasp. When you use the sword, it will also provide AC. (+5 max). If you don't fight enough, the AC bonus will start decreasing again.
An interrogator's lase-sonic probe N N 12 7 4 Zone
A "Killer" XT-6 Class 1 Y 13 8 3 Triton/Kessel
A flame sword melee N N 13 8 2 Asylum
A sharp pirate's sword N N 13 8 3 Alderaan
A shiny microblaster blaster N N 13 8 4 Zone
A steel baton melee N 13 8 4 Lunaya
A "Killer XT-6 Class 2 Y 14 9 4 Triton/Kessel
A Force Pike N N 14 9 4 Ukio Extra damage when used against metallic enemies, needs FP ot charge for this
A Laser Pick N N 14 9 4 Ukio
A laser pistol N N 14 9 2 Toloran
A medium-sized Stava-claw melee N 14 9 4 Honoghr
A red needle whip N N 14 9 2 Vanagar toxify <type> Can be loaded with race specific neurotoxin
An Espo blaster pistol N Y 14 9 2 Lunaya
An M41a Pulse Rifle N 14 9 5 Pathros
The Deathbringer 14 9 4 Dantooine
A "Killer" XT-6 Class 3 Y 15 10 5 Triton/Kessel
A giant double-bladed power axe 15 10 4 Crimson (arBoK) channel <amount> Can channel FP through it, doing extra damage (or blow the thing up)
A N'gant-Zarvel 4266 Shotgun Y 15 10 4 Pathros reload gun
aim <living>
pump gun
shoot gun
Uses shotgun shells, eject casings which can be filled by a machine. You can 'shoot gun' after aiming, and it will do extra damage.
A Razor Sharp Longsword 15 10 3 Crimson (arBoK)
A waterpistol N 15 10 4 Pantolomin 'shoot <name> Has a switch to flip from recreational to defensive levels
A well balanced, platinum plated bone vibrospear N N 15 10 4 Honoghr (Latem) Upgrade of 'A sharp bone spear w/ blade affixed'
A Yellow Jacket's shock stick melee Y 15 10 4 Alderaan
Glehn's pistol N N 15 10 4 Alderaan
LaserBolt Launcher Y N 15 5 5 Zone fire/shoot can 'fire' laserbolts at target, doing extra damage
A Ladriz ceremonial rifle Y N 16 11 6 Ladriz
A Miniblaster (improved) blaster N N 16 11 4 Zone
A Orbtech-700 Needlegun N N 16 11 7 Ukio
A sharp scythe melee N 16 11 5 Zone
A WM-309 flamethrower N Y 16 11 4 Zone burn <living>
An anti-gravity field bow projectile N N 16 11 3 Asylum
Black-gold maximator N N 16 11 5 Zone
Tail of the Lightning Azore N N 16 11 3 Vanagar static
A Harfu Electric Repeat-Fire Ultra-Cannon N N 17 12 5 Pathros You can 'test fire' to spam the room
A holdout blaster blaster Y N 17 12 5 Ladriz
A large Stava-claw melee N 17 12 5 Honoghr
A light laser cannon 17 12 1 Yavin-4
A light repeating blaster w/ harness blaster Y N 17 12 6 Prometheus Will sometimes switch to automatic, doing 5 attacks. When wielded, also provides +1AC
A McCallister Industries 71B blaster rifle blaster Y 17 12 4 Prometheus
A spore blaster blaster Y N 17 12 6 Ladriz 0
An ArPo Poison Dart Gun Y 17 12 5 Toloran fire dart ArPo Dart Gun with a small clip. Darts & upgrades can be bought at the skids.
An Imperial Blaster blaster Y N 17 12 4 Tatooine 0
An OSTCC ChemTech Y 17 12 4 Triton convert corpses, alcohol and fuel into a toxin that will fire randomly.
Staff of the Malamander melee N N 17 12 5 Vanagar double attack Feed the staff corpses, get double attack
The Cyber Axe melee N N 17 12 6 Zone
25kg Wooden Club melee N N 18 13 10 Alderaan
A dark longsword melee N N 18 13 3 Asylum Can only be wielded when evil
A light repeater blaster N N 18 13 5 Honoghr 0
A molecularly enhanced, well-balanced, platinum-plated bone vibrospear N N 18 13 4 Honoghr (Latem) Upgrade of 'A well balanced, platinum plated bone vibrospear'
A Torture 31-A scrag cannon N N 18 13 5 Zone
Compact Blaster LX blaster N N 18 13 5 Alderaan
Sword of the Sacred Slug melee N 18 13 5 Vanagar double attack 0 Feed the sword corpses, random double attack hits
Whip of the Ice Worm melee N N 19 14 5 Vanagar double attack Feed the whip corpses, get double attack hits
A double-barreled heavy blaster pistol blaster Y N 20 15 3 Tatooine 3294
Death, The Ultimate Weapon N N 20 15 3 Triton 3294 Demands pay every now and then to continue functioning, won't work when align > 1000
Left Arm of the Automadon 20 15 8 Vanagar plasmablast hit everything in room with plasma rain
A giant stone-axe N N 30 25 300 Endor
A railer 9 4 3 Wayland (playground) WC can be from .. to 9
A DL-44 heavy blaster pistol Y 12,15,18 7,10,13 4 Toloran/Triton Charged with power packs, adjustable WC (set stun, normal, ultra)
Gauntlet melee N N 14-19 9 3 Crimson (arBoK) WC based on?
A density rapier melee 15-17 10 3 Crimson (arBoK) Gets better when used for a longer period
An ArPo Poison Dart Gun [Automatic] Y 17-20 5-7 Toloran fire dart This is the upgraded ArPo Dart Gun, WC goes up by using it
Crimson Force N Max 22 15 5 Endor anger/calm Fuel with FP, will either return FP while fighting (pos align), or do extra damage (neg align)
A small blaster Y 3 Triton (Playground)
An ArPo Poison Dart Gun Y 5-7 Toloran fire dart ArPo Dart Gun with a large clip