Mission overview

On this page you can find a complete overview of all missions with links to the mission pages. Not all missions are active and we do not have a script available for all missions. The missions are sorted by their code.

aa Ukio - Calir - Delivery
ab Cruu - Retrieve laser-design
ac Predator trap (2)
ae Flying teapot (2)
af Triton - Golden rose (2)
ag KoBra Space Station - Sleazy hospital
ah Macross - Matrix retrieved (2)
ai Dagobah - Self-knowledge (2)
ak X11 - Illuminant force (2)
al Plymouth - Stalker
am Triton - Kessel - Destruct Triton
an Ursa - Revive Ecoli (2)
ao Endor - Help Ewoks
aq KoBra - KoBra power up
as Reisa - Reisa Mafia (2)
at Pathros - Reinstate Kain (2)
av Giger - Rescue Newt (2)
aw Baku - Hero of Baku
ax Arbok - Clone quest
bb Apok Darr - Judgement Day
be Hoth - Deactivate ion cannon
bf Wayland - Clone wars
bg Bathos - Destruct Bathos
bi Dantooine - Xylomania
bj Dynab-4 - Capture Chimaera
bk Roon - Rescue ambassador
bl Vector7 - Kill Yung
bn Yavin-4 - Tatooine - A new hope
bo Vanagar - Project Sluicer
bq Prometheus - Rinea
bt Altoran - Stolen info
bu Latem - Rescue Tanus
bv Fortitude - Sabotage
bw Tatooine - Construct lightsaber
by Pantolomin - Organizers ordeal
bz Vanagar - Megaslug
ca Pathros - Underground on Pathros
cb Ladriz - Premier of Ladriz
ce Gong - Possessed X-Wing
cf Mars - Total Recall (2)
ci Magnanimous - Please Xyros
cj Devaron - Decapitate Dark Jedi

(2) Was active once, but not anymore. Players that have done this mission in the past, still have the mission points for this mission.